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Horizontal Round Multi Release

Horizontal Round with Multi Release

ArticleCapacityMassMax loadDiameterRelease diameter 
  litre kg kg mm mm  
KUB1000LR 1000 340 2740 1200 100-200 Straight hoist bracket
KUB1500LR 1500 400 4000 1300 100-200 Straight hoist bracket
KUB2000LR 2000 540 5340 1500 100-200 Straight hoist bracket
Technically, all concrete buckets can be supplied with the multi release system. See ‘specials’


The multi release system.

The multi release is based on a shutoff valve located in a square structure, the ‘housing’ of the multi. This housing is bolted to the concrete bucket and the release is located below the housing. It can easily be opened and removed, meaning that it can be exchanged.

The advantages of the multi release are:

  • better sealing ability, which is especially an advantage when transporting self-consolidating concrete, since leaks are rare.
  • easy to operate due to the addition of bearing bushes and lubrication nipples. Self-sealing once the bucket is empty thanks to the use of springs.
  • through the use of a bolt structure, parts can easily be replaced if necessary without having to cut or weld the concrete bucket.
  • the release funnel can be supplied in various sizes, is quickly exchanged and can fit a release hose. The multi release can therefore be supplied with different release funnels and a release hose if necessary. (round 200, 150, 100 mm)
Multi release in detail