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For years, Beco brick grabs have proven to be extremely reliable products. These brick grabs make short work of moving packs or separate layers of bricks.

Beco brick grabs are characterised by their maximum versatility and are available in 4 models. In addition to these standard models, special versions are manufactured upon request.


Specially designed for working in areas with limited space and height. Along with this, high-grade steel has been used, keeping the weight of the equipment low. This also makes the HSK300 suitable for machinery ranging from 1 to 2,5 tons. An effective solution when it comes to present-day street work.
Fitted as standard with parallel squeeze, height adjustment and pressure-release valve. Hydraulic rotors and booms can be supplied as optional extras.


Follows the success of the HSK1000, designed especially for use with smaller machinery. Equipped with width adjustment as standard and can be fitted with additional equipment.
Hydraulic rotors, extensions, clinker sets, height adjustment, pressure-release valves and booms can be supplied as optional extras.


Characterised by its maximum versatility Can be mounted onto shovels, excavators, automatic loading cranes and forklifts.
Thanks to the ability to adjust the width and to mount various extensions, all kinds of packs, bricks and tiles can be lifted. This grab is fitted with a pressure-release valve and height adjustment as standard.
Hydraulic rotors, parallel squeeze, extensions, clinker sets, and booms can be supplied as optional extras.


This grab has been specially designed for placing kerbstones and storm drains. The grab is fitted with functional parallel squeeze as standard.

Parallel squeeze

Parallel squeeze has significant advantages:

  • Better control of grab claws
  • Increased stability when gripping packs
  • Sudden ‘folding’ of concrete slabs is avoided.
  • Once released, the grab stays upright.
Technical specifications
Mass (kg) 500 240 160 90
Max load (kg) 2500 1500 750 500
Min working pressure (bar) 180 min 180 max 210 180 min.180 max.260
Width adjustment (mm) 700 to 1100 700 to 1100 520 to 1130 80 to 750
Max load height 1000 600 320 550
Length of grab rubber (mm) 1250 1250 1250 400
Pressure-release Standard Optional Standard -
Parallel squeeze Optional - Standard Standard