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BV Beco

Beco is a concept for her tipping trailers, concrete buckets and her complete program of equipment for excavators and wheel loaders. Beco also manufactures Buiscar trailers, Boforce fronts and booms, Beco Grabs grab equipment and steel construction.

Beco supplies among others:
  • Agricultural and earth moving tipping trailers
  • Equipment for wheel loaders
  • Equipment for excavators
  • Booms
  • Grabs and rock handling grabs
  • Demolition equipment
  • Concrete buckets
BV Beco Vianen

A team of over 115 dedicated employees ensures the quality you expect and may expect from our product. We consider service of paramount importance. All products are developed and manufactured by making use of modern CAD ​​/ CAM systems.

We do not sit still at Beco’s. In order to meet the customers’ requirements, we are continuously working to improve / innovate existing products, opportunities for new products and expand our existing program.

To get an impression of our products and services, we refer to the relevant pages. We are at your disposal for further and / or additional information, questions and / or contacts.