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Bulb tipping trailer

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Bulb tipping trailer

Beco Super agricultural tipping wagons are the ultimate combination of our many years of expertise and experience in the design and manufacture of tipping wagons. The vast practical experience of our clients has also contributed to the introduction of a new range of Super agricultural tipping wagons.
This new generation of agricultural tipping wagons is characterised by well-planned design with smooth loading bays, quality finishing and comprehensive standard fittings.

For many years, Beco agricultural tipping wagons have been a household name in agricultural circles. Beco tipping wagons are known for their durability, solid construction and functionality; aspects that are constantly proven in practice.

Beco tipping wagons distinguish themselves from the rest thanks to a policy of zero compromise on quality, in other words, the wagons have well-planned frames, chassis and loading bay designs, as well as top quality finishing. A Beco agricultural tipping wagon is just that much better in extreme conditions and will provide you with extra years of valuable service.

Tipping wagon manufacture takes place with the aid of modern techniques and the use of standard components, allowing us to work efficiently and cost-effectively The process is characterised by ongoing product development, jointly based on practical experience.


Different versions

Beco supplies agricultural tipping wagons with load capacities of 10 to 22 tons on tandem-axle chassis, and 24 to 28 tons on tri-axle chassis.
To sum it up, there are a wide range of load capacities to choose from.
There is a choice between 2 different widths when it comes to all versions, so that you will always find the right tipping wagon for your chute, for example.