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Load covering
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Load covering

Load covering, cover panels, lids, covering lids, aluminium cover panels – load covering is a very important aspect. Various covering systems form part of the Beco range.

Aluminium covering panels are often used on our heavy duty tipping wagons. A so-called folding cover is also frequently applied to tandem and tri-axle heavy duty transport wagons. These aluminium panels fold out into an open position. This halves the width of the panels, so they do not protrude above and under the loading bay when open.

Features include:

  • Unloading can be done with closed cover panels through the hydraulic tailgate.
  • The panels open or close within 10 seconds.
  • Maximum load capacity is retained.
  • Hydraulic cover operation from the tractor.
  • In their open position, the panels protrude only 10 cm below the top edge (of the side).
  • Dirt-resistant and very easy to clean.
  • Low weight and great flexibility thanks to the use of aluminium panels.
  • No restrictions caused by effects of weather conditions or UV rays.
  • When used on off-road terrain, open covering panels do not place any restrictions on the use of heavy duty transport wagons.

Roller tarpaulins are one of the cover solutions applied to agricultural tipping wagons. The tarpaulin is rolled up on one side of the interior of the loading bay on brackets. To cover the load, the tarpaulin must be manually rolled to the other side of the loading bay using the ladder that leads up the front side. The tarpaulin must be fixed to the other side of the loading bay with the aid of the fasteners and straps provided.