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The Beco heavy duty tipper, dirt wagon, dumper, sand dumper, heavy transport tipping wagon, combi, etc. These are all names used to describe vehicles drawn behind tractors that transport sand, dirt, rubble and gravel or shells, etc. Beco was one of the first companies to develop tipping wagons for this kind of transport on public roads, as well as across off-road terrain.

Over the past 40 years, Beco heavy duty wagons have adapted to developments related to increased tractor power, speed and the wide range of available tyres. Due to higher powered tractors and an increase in scale, there is a constant demand for larger tipping wagons. Because of this, tri-axle tipping wagons are more commonly used for heavy duty transport, and even four-axle tipping wagons are no longer an exception.

The current range of Beco heavy duty wagons are a result of our many years of expertise and experience in the design and manufacture of tipping wagons. Our tipping wagons are also currently at the top end of the market thanks to the vast practical experience of our clients.

For many years, Beco heavy duty transport wagons have been a household name in earthmoving circles. Beco tipping wagons are known for their durability, well-designed chassis, solid construction and functionality, loading bay design, comprehensive standard fittings and quality finishing; aspects that have been proven by their performance in practice, time and again.

A Beco heavy duty transport wagon is just that much better in extreme conditions and will provide you with extra years of valuable service. This added value becomes evident, yet again, when you trade in your used Beco heavy duty wagon.

The design, manufacture and assembly of our tipping wagons take place in our modern, well-equipped factory in Vianen near Utrecht, with the aid of modern techniques and through the application of high quality thresholds, allowing us to work efficiently and cost-effectively. The process is characterised by ongoing product development, jointly based on practical experience.

We supply Beco heavy duty transport wagons with a load capacity of 14 to 26 tons on a tandem-axle chassis, and with a load capacity of 28 to 36 tons on a tri-axle chassis.

To sum it up, there are a wide range of load capacities to choose from.