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Dump trailer
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Beco Maxxim dump trailer

The Beco Maxxim dump trailer is ideal for heavy duty off-road transport and is the ultimate combination of our many years of expertise and our experience in the design and manufacture of tipping wagons. The vast practical experience of our clients has also contributed to a new range of articulated wagons.

The Beco dump trailers distinguishes itself by allowing the hauling vehicle to tow large loads across various terrains.
Thanks to the adaptability of the Beco tandem-axle underneath the articulated wagon, it has a large degree of surface adaptation, making it stable during tipping and allowing it to move easily across uneven terrain. This articulated wagon combination is ideal for heavy duty transport across medium to long distances.
Our various models are developed and manufactured in consultation with clients.

Wagon manufacture takes place with the aid of modern techniques and the use of standard components, allowing us to work efficiently and cost-effectively. The process is characterised by ongoing product development, jointly based on practical experience.

Our articulated wagon loading bays are manufactured from high-grade, wear-resistant steel, resulting in durable, hard-wearing and rigid structures.

Different versions

Our dump trailers have load capacities of 50, 60, 70 or 80 tons.
The dump trailer is suitable to be placed behind an adapted truck or articulated hauler equipped with a fifth wheel coupling.