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Slurry transport
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Slurry transport

Beco slurry tipper, slurry wagon, slurry dumper, slurry frame and watertight transport are all terms used to describe the haulage by tractor of slurry on public roads and across off-road terrain.

Beco offers various options when it comes to the transport of slurry.

Removable frame with sliding panels on the heavy duty tipping wagon.

For this purpose, a frame is placed on top of the heavy duty tipping wagon. The tailgate is fitted with a clamped rubber seal. The frame is provided with double sliding panels, creating an extra large opening for filling.

The Beco slurry tipping wagon.

The loading bay is large with a big sliding panel and has a self-sealing tailgate with rubber seals and hydraulic clamps. The loading bay interior is finished smoothly, ensuring that no liquid remains on it. Also available are flange fittings for the attachment of suction / feeding equipment.

We supply slurry tipping wagons with various load capacities and volumes on tandem and tri-axle chassis’.
Loading bay exchange systems and hook systems are also available.

To sum it up, there are a wide range of load capacities to choose from.