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Beco, in consultation with – and according to the specifications of – our clients, designs and manufactures special versions of tipping wagons, loading bay exchange systems, silage wagons, silage tippers, loading cranes, etc. for a range of purposes.

This results in vehicles with a wide range of applications or, on the contrary, for very specific purposes.

One option is to fit a loading crane to the tipping wagon, whether a three-way tipper or a cargo hook carrier, so that loading can take place or smaller loads can be discharged, behind a fence, for example, as a single task.

Beco 4-assige kipper Maxxim 360 met 4 assen Sturende assen Hoog kipper Rupsdumper Rupsdumper met Beco kipbak Rupsdumper IHI IC45 - draaibaar
4-axles high lift tipping trailer IHI crawler carrier with (pivoting) Beco kipbakken