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BecoGrabs supplies Piling Rig LRH400
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BecoGrabs supplies Piling Rig LRH400

For a customer in the European Union, Beco Grabs manufactured a piling frame, type LRH400. This frame has a total length of 42 meters; 2x3 meter parts and 3x12 meter parts. The piling frame can also be turned into a swing execution by means of the swing components.

The frame is equipped with a leader head, special boom head, leader slides, adjustable in height and a kicker. The total weight of the piling frame in the execution of 42 meters is approx. 26 tons.

On the piling frame an hydraulic ram block or vibrating block can be mounted. The maximum ram block weight is 15 tons and maximum pile weight is 20 tons.

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